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Wasa-Nabin Youth Program

The Wasa-Nabin Youth Worker provides interactive social and programming experiences through social media. The following items are available for door step delivery:

  • Emergency Food Hampers

  • Craft Supplies

  • Magazines and Educational Materials


Youth can engage via Facebook for engaging educational and interactive content, as well as news and other events. 


Intakes into the Wasa-Nabin program are open to ages 13-18 – youth will be given access to a separate Wasa-Nabin group on Facebook. However, participating on the page, or any number of the Ne-Chee Friendship Centre’s other pages are available for everyone! 


Wasa-Nabin Coordinator Contact Information:

  • Facebook

Wasa-Nabin Youth Program

Wasa-Nabin is a self-development program for Urban Aboriginal youth. in the age range of 13-18. 


The program incorporates traditional cultural teachings and values to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, foster responsible decision making and influence critical thinking. Program clients will increase their skills, knowledge and values, and will have the ability to make positive personal choices, leading to healthier lifestyles. 

Activities are culturally appropriate, and are directed to improve interpersonal skills, knowledge, attitudes, and enhance values, in order to promote personal well-being. Check out our brochure to see a detailed list of the programming offered. 


Wasa-Nabin Coordinator Contact Information: