Our History

What does Ne-Chee mean? It means "A very close friend or brother".


The aims of the centre is best described as a bridge to help native people over the gap from rural to urban living.

In 1975 under the Migrating Native People's Program, there was a great need to assist Native people as they migrated into the urban environment. Because of the need, a number of volunteers were instrumental in drafting and finalizing the constitution, obtaining incorporation papers and organizing practical details for a Friendship Centre.

The objective of the Centre was to promote the educational and cultural advancement of Indian people. The Friendship Centre strove to give support to local, provincial and national native people's organization. We salute those who contributed their support and time that made the Centre for what it is today: Sam Copenace Sr. (deceased), Sam Copenace Jr., Charles Copenace, Joe Morrison (deceased) and Kitty Everson.

On May 31, 1976 the Ne-Chee Friendship Centre became incorporated. At this time it was located at 209 Main Street South (above the Kenora Bus Depot), sharing an office with Manomin Corporation.

On December 15, 1977 the first Core proposal was submitted to the Citizen's Branch - Migrating Native People's Program - Secretary of State, for funding from April 1, 1978 to March 31, 1979. When the first year's funding was approved by the Secretary of State, an Executive Director, a Secretary and a Juvenile Diversion Worker (today it is known as the Li'l Eagles Coordinator) were hired. A Board of Directors was formed with the majority of native people from other agencies.

In the spring of 1978, the Ne-Chee Friendship Centre moved to 41 Matheson Street South. The Kenora Native Women's Association had an office in the building as well as their craft shop. A student counsellor who was administered by the Kenora Native Women's Association and funded by the Department of Indian Affairs. The Centre began to make its presence to the community. The majority of people accessing the Centre came from within the urban area and from surrounding communities.

On August 12, 1981 the Ne-Chee Friendship Centre purchased the building on 152 Main Street South, Kenora, Ontario. As the public became more aware of the Centre, the volume of people increased so quickly that more services were needed.


In 1994 Ne-Chee Friendship Centre moved to 1301 Railway Street to accommodate the growing number of programs that were being offered.

In 2017, Ne-Chee Friendship Centre moved back downtown to 326 2nd Street South to continue to allow for the growing number of programs that are offered and to create greater accessibility for clients.

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