About Us

The doors of the First Friendship Centre opened in Canada in 1958, as Aboriginal people began moving from reserves to urban areas. As Aboriginal people relocated, they were faced with many problems of adjustment. Friendship Centres began in order to assist Aboriginal people with their adjustment as they migrated into the urban environment.

The best way to describe a Friendship Centre is a place of many types of gatherings for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people who are attempting to bridge a gap between two cultures.

The main objective for all Friendship Centres is to improve the quality of life for the urban Aboriginal people. The main target groups of each Friendship Centre is the urban Aboriginal population. This includes all age groups. The Friendship Centres act as a support system to the community by providing programs that provide essentials services. These services are aimed at promoting the physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural well being of all Aboriginal people.

Ne-Chee is the Ojibway word for a "close friend" or a "brother". The Ne-Chee Friendship Centre was incorporated in 1976 and is managed by a Board of Directors which is elected at an Annual General Meeting every year. The Executive Director, Office Director and Bookkeeper comprise the core staff. The Director is responsible to the Board and other staff are immediately responsible to the Director.

Ne-Chee welcomes all who seek advice or those who wish to visit, especially those from the grassroots of society. Ne-Chee also acts as a support system to the community by administering a number of programs which offer vital services.

Our Vision

“To improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people living in an urban environment by supporting self-determined activities which encourage equal access to and participation in Canadian society and which respects Aboriginal cultural distinctiveness.”

Our Mission
  • Ne-Chee Friendship Centre will create a safe and considerate working environment.

  • Ne-Chee Friendship Centre will encourage originality, innovation and promote enthusiasm in meeting the requirements of our visitors, clients, etc.

  • Ne-Chee Friendship Centre will create a distinctive and progressive culture.

  • Ne-Chee Friendship Centre will make positive contributions to the community in which we operate and strive to become a model citizen.

326 2nd Street South

Kenora Ontario

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