Apatisiwin Employment Program

MAY 2020 Application submission required
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Employment Counsellor Contact Information – employmentcounsellor@nechee.org

Youth Employment Counsellor Contact Information – youthemployment@nechee.org

Apatisiwin Employment Program

The Apatisiwin Program is committed to assisting individuals to overcome personal employment and training barriers. We strive to increase the level of self-confidence, job readiness skills and employment conditions of urban Indigenous people.

  • Labour Market Partnerships

  • On the Job Training

  • Purchase of Training

  • Employment Supports

  • Apprenticeship Skills Training

  • Training Supports

  • Self-Employment Training

  • Pre-Employment Training

  • Community Based Projects

We strive to…

  • Provide culturally appropriate services for

  • individuals to meet their employment goals,

  • Work with employers in creating a diverse workforce reflective of the area,

  • Deliver employment services to all individuals who enter our door.

  • Employment Counselling

  • Job Search Support

  • Resume/Cover Letter Assistance

  • Career Exploration

  • Training Action Plan Development

  • Self Marketing Tips

  • Online Training Certifications (NORCAT)

Our Resource Centre includes...

  • Job Boards

  • Computer Access

  • Labour Market Information

  • Education & Training Resources

  • Community Resource Information

  • Related Services & Information