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Youth Life Promotions Program

The Youth Life Promotion Program is founded on principles of self-determination and cultural reclamation for at-risk urban Indigenous youth. Through this program, youth will have access to water and land-based activities, as well as access to traditional knowledge and teachings.

  • Land Based Programming

  • Culturally Relevant Activities

  • Group Based Work

  • Integration with fellow Ne-Chee Programs

  • Low barrier entry. All Welcome


The program will provide one to one supports to individuals to prepare them for participation in group-based activities as required. For this program, youth are defined as 13 – 24 years of age, however the program can be flexible based on local demand or need. 


The Youth Life Promotion program is designed to support holistic development and provide continuum of care services for youth at risk, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

To learn more about this program contact our Youth Life Worker at

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