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Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program

The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program promotes and supports healthier lifestyles for urban Indigenous people. This creates opportunities for community members to learn about healthy lifestyles and participate in active living activities. 

The program provides the opportunity for community members with the hands-on experience through interactive workshops, healthy nutrition information, cooking classes, fitness training, smoking cessation support, sports, and recreational activities, to introduce healthier options and alternatives to an overall healthier lifestyle. 

The Healthy Living Program offers a wide variety of programming for every age group. For those wanting to improve their fitness there are a variety of exercise classes happening Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. the style and type of class changes every month so be sure to watch for the updated calendar. For healthy eating there is a variety of cooking classes, nutrition workshops, and presentations offered each month.

Other programming options include:

  • Personal training and open gym

  • Youth sports nights

  • Smoking cessation support

  • Land-based programming

  • Webinars and workshops covering different topics 


There is something for everyone across the lifespan. If interested in joining the program, please contact the coordinator at:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
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