Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program

Services being provided by Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program during COVID-19 Pandemic

Smoothie Making

The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living program has continued to offer many of the same programming services only now they are in virtual form rather than in person. Every day during the week there is a virtual exercise class that you can follow along on Facebook Live: Mondays & Fridays are a virtual stretch class; Tuesdays & Thursdays are The Fitness Shift, a more intense exercise class for individuals looking to build fitness; and Wednesdays are a Low-impact exercise class, a full body workout that’s easy on the joints, especially the knees. All of these classes can be found at Facebook.com/uahlnechee/live/

In addition to virtual classes, nutritional videos are always being uploaded to the UAHL Facebook page, facebook.com/uahlnechee/. Daily videos are posted showcasing different smoothie recipes and at least once a week, a video making a healthy recipe is posted in a segment called ‘Cooking with Calisha’.

Other services the UAHL coordinator is offering include personalized exercise plans and smoking cessation help. For either of these services please contact UAHL coordinator Calisha, at uahl@nechee.org or facebook.com/uahlnechee/messenger/. A Healthy Living Bingo contest is also being offered on the Facebook page, for a chance to win a gift card.

We all must do our part by isolating and social distancing but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay healthy!

Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program

The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living program promotes and supports healthier lifestyles for urban Aboriginal people. This creates opportunities for community members to learn about healthy lifestyles and participate in active living activities.


The program provides the opportunity for community members with the hands-on experience through interactive workshops, healthy nutrition information, cooking classes, fitness training, smoking cessation support, sports and recreational activities, all to introduce healthier options and alternatives to an overall healthy lifestyle.


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