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Restorative Justice Liaison Program

Services being provided by Restorative Justice Liaison Program during COVID-19 Pandemic

The Restorative Justice Liaison Program is a brand-new program that is in the process of being developed.  The RJLP Coordinator has been working with the OPP and MAG staff to develop the role.  The RJL has been busy developing and revising protocol agreements, statistical data tools, job responsibilities, program forms, training manual and more. 

The Restorative Justice Liaison Program is currently accepting referrals from Program Coordinators during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Restorative Justice Program Coordinators can request the assistance of the RJL if they are unable to locate their clients.  Due to physical distancing, tracking of clients is being completed through phone calls, letters, emails and any other form of contactless communication. 

The RJL will work with clients and brainstorm creative ways so they can complete diversions during this unprecedented time.  The RJL will facilitate referrals to Mental Health Service providers upon client’s request.

Once Partner protocol agreements are in place the RJL will start triaging OPP referrals to the Restorative Justice Committee and act as the first point of contact for clients.  The RJL provides the Officer’s with updates and closes the files once the client has completed their diversion. 

Restorative Justice Liaison Worker Contact Information:  (807) 464-0069