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Native Inmate Liaison Officer (NILO)
Open Position Please visit our Careers Page for details

NILO's goal is to assist inmates in serving terms of imprisonment in their successful reintegration into the community by providing culturally relevant programs, services, and activities aimed at promoting Indigenous wellness and healing. 

The Native Inmate Liaison program will address the unique needs of Indigenous inmates within the healing continuum to before fully functioning with all aspects of their lives and their community.

NILO is working from the Kenora District Jail during this time and is providing smudging to the inmates when requested.  NILO is providing Cultural Teachings for program participants and Kenora Jail Staff by: designing and distributing a monthly cultural awareness newsletter for Jail Staff; Providing reading material both cultural and non-cultural to inmates; Providing art pages, sudokus, word searches and other puzzles to inmates and also; Providing smudging

Native Inmate Liaison Officer Contact Information:  (807) 468-2871 ext 301

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