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Life Long Care Program

the Lifelong Care Program is open to all Indigenous People in our community of Kenora and surrounding area. This program is open to people of all ages who fall into the following criteria:

  • Have physical or emotional disabilities 

  • Have serious health issues

  • Are frail or elderly

  • Require socialization due to isolation and living alone

We provide advocacy for our clients in the way of helping with paperwork for housing, all types of legal and government forms, and residential school documents to name a few. We offer assistance with referrals to access community-based services and will provide accompaniment when required. 

We offer many social programs including a weekly exercise program and weekly crafts/bingo along with serving healthy lunches to go along with the activity. Our spring/summer and fall months find us doing many outdoor picnics, activities, and small road trips to surrounding towns and attractions. Our walking program on Wednesdays is a good healthy way to get exercise and have a friendly visit at the same time. 

We provide nutritional support and encourage healthy eating and lifestyle. We run a monthly foot spa day to care for our feet and this is done in a sharing circle to allow our clients to share stories and have good communication with one another. We can supply the four (4) medicines to clients who practice and can offer a smudge in our Centre anytime. 

Transportation is a big issue for many clients, and we assist by providing rides to appointments, shopping and to the Centre for programming as well as taking clients on our road trips. We can also provide taxis for our clients when we cannot provide transportation ourselves. 

Security checks and friendly visits in home or on the phone provide our clients who are unable to get out physically with some good interaction and support. Monthly calendars keep all clients informed of what's going on , however they are subject to change. 

Services can be provided on a short term or long-term basis and will be determined through an intake and assessment process. 

Lifelong Care Worker Contact Information: (807) 468-5440 ext 227 and 228  and

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