Life Long Care Program

Services being provided by Lifelong Care Program during COVID-19 Pandemic

Although the Lifelong Care program is running in a much different capacity than normal the worker has maintained several of her routine services during this time despite the physical distancing restrictions.

Daily security checks and friendly visits by telephone are done and have been extremely beneficial to service users as many live alone and having that daily contact to socialize even by telephone has been vitally important at keeping their spirits up at this time.  During these conversations the worker is able to assist and deal with any other issues or concerns that may arise.

With the slow start of some medical appointments the worker has provided taxi service to and from appointments as well as help service users navigate through getting appointments and questions they may have and where to get correct information with regards to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Delivery of weekly food hampers to the service users that are in need as well as Cedar to boil in their homes to keep the air clean is being done.  Also, the worker has provided medicines for smudging, Cedar water and essential oil spray bottles for spraying in their homes, material to make masks which were then given to other service users and the local shelter, beads and craft supplies and other items as needed.

The primary focus has been and will continue to be meeting the needs of the service users.  As spring is upon us and there are certain ceremonies and events that we would have done, we are as a group figuring out ways to do this from a distance.  Sharing medicines, phone calls with one another and putting out tobacco offerings with prayer along with continuing to reassure one another that this too shall pass. 

Lifelong Care Worker Contact Information:  (807) 407-1443

Life Long Care Program

The Life Long Care Program provides services and care for people of all ages that have physical disabilities, serious health issues, or those who are frail and/or elderly.


The goal of the program is to assist program participants in stabilizing their health. Assistance with the coordination of medical appointments, transportation, prevention of isolation through interaction and social activities, referrals and advocacy to access community supports.


Services can be provided on a short-term or long-term basis and will be determined through an intake and assessment process.