Indigenous Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program

Services being provided by Indigenous Healthy Babies Program during COVID-19 Pandemic

As part of the Indigenous Healthy Babies Program, it is essential to ensure support, resources and/or referrals to families registered in the program. Although referrals are limited at this time, the IHB worker does their best to get required information to the families. The IHB worker does check-ins with families through phone calls, text messages and through social media messaging. They have set up a Facebook page that is designed for only direct service users of the program. Information regarding mental health and general statements from the Government are posted, as well as Community resources, children’s arts and craft ideas along with outdoor activities and virtual classes offered through our Centre. Ensuring that all points of access to families is key to keeping everyone informed and educated. The IHB worker assists families with some basic needs for their children which include diapers, wipes, formula, various baby supplies and craft supplies. Clients may also request food hampers when struggling with food security.


We are fortunate to be able to offer our Emergency Food Program to those outside of our programs until further notice, due to COVID-19, which the IHB worker has taken on a large role in making this possible. It is important that all members of our Community have access to all resources during this very difficult time. 

Healthy Babies Worker Contact Information:  healthybabies@nechee.org

(807) 407-1442

Classes Offered
Traditional Parenting

Indigenous Healthy Babies Program

The Indigenous Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program (IHBHC) is designed to provide Indigenous families healthy opportunities for the development of their children (0–6 years of age) through education, family home visiting, service coordination and referrals.


It is a voluntary program open to any Indigenous family who requests the service; the program ensures that families have access and support, inclusive of early intervention and prevention services.