Indigenous Courtworkers Program
We have one open Criminal Courtworker Position available Please visit our Careers Page for details

The Criminal Courtwork Program guides Indigenous adults and youth charged with a criminal offense. The program assists accused offenders to better understand their rights, options, and responsibilities when appearing before the courts. 


  • Liaising between service users and criminal justice personnel to help overcome communication barriers (may include being able to provide appropriate information to the court and/or speaking on behalf of the accused).

  • Informing justice officials about concerns of the Indigenous community and the perspective of Indigenous alleged accused.

  • Promote understanding within the Indigenous community of the existing criminal justice system. 

  • Assistance with Legal Aid Applications.

  • Provide services users support through the court processes. 

  • Reviewing disclosure/crown screening with individual (where appropriate).

  • Access to printing, faxing, phone

  • Explaining court terminology in plain terms.

  • Referrals to appropriate services.

  • Assist in bail planning.

  • Support, advocate, and assist those who are self-representing.

  • Case management services.

  • Provide updates to family members/significant others on accused matters (where appropriate)

Criminal Courtworker Contact Information: 

Courthouse Phone # (807) 468-9657

Ne-Chee Phone # (807) 468-5440 ext 220

Can also be contacted via Facebook page

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