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Bail residency
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The Ne-Chee Friendship Centre’s Bail Residency Program offers both supervision and residential services to those involved in the bail process. The supervision component advocates and assists clients through the court process and monitors the conditions set for clients to assist in their compliancy to their bail conditions. Residential services provide enhanced support services for those who are unable to return to their communities or require enhanced supervision. By supervising individuals in community or through residential supervision services these two programs jointly respond to the high number of remands that affect the courts and local custodial institutions.

Both programs hold the individuals accessing the services accountable to their conditions and to participation in the program. These programs address an individual’s needs while on bail. The residential services provide meals, programming, and residence for the individual. The supervision supports and addresses the issues and accountability to the court and to the community in which they reside. Residents participating in the program, pay room and board while accessing this service.

The residential and supervision services network with community programs to appropriately address all needs. Utilizing the various community programs ensures effective and varied supports. Weekly case management is done with both a residential case manager and the supervision case manager. On-site case management and support is available 24/7. This wholistic approach supports the individual to succeed while on bail and awaiting trial, assisting individuals return and reintegrate to their communities.  The programs aim to reduce recidivism, breaches and new charges, by affording the individual the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and engage in services to promote healing.


What we offer:

  • Bail services assist individuals awaiting trial that have alleged charges

  • Verification and Supervision program to support the resident in their reintegration plan

  • 24/7 rehabilitative secure facility services, enhanced programming and supervision services to support clients; 18 units

  • Daily programming, life skills, health services provided; referrals provided for mental health and addictions services

  • On-site 24/7 case management and support services

  • Links to community programs and supporting clients in returning to home communities


For more information email Bail Residency Manager at:

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