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Bail Verification & Supervision Program

Services being provided by Bail Verification and Supervision Program during COVID-19 Pandemic

BVSP Case Manager has become more involved with the bail residence clients, providing more case management and support services.  Services are still being provided daily as well as supervision being conducted twice per week – in person at the Bail Residency and by phone for those residing in the community.

BVSP Bail Coordinator’s role has changed a bit during this COVID-19 outbreak, as no longer able to attend bail court in-person.  However, have been in attendance via telephone, to keep in contact with the courts, and clientele.  Also, during this time, the Bail Coordinator has been in charge of the new Kenora Discharge Planning Program which assists financially and coordinating travel arrangements for those whom are being released from the courts/justice system to be able to return home to their community.

Bail Verification & Supervision Coordinator’s role during this time has been to support clients at the Bail Residency, and to the in-community clients via telephone.

During the Covid-19 outbreak the BVSP Team have been able to provide more one to one services and get to know their clients while they are in isolation at the bail residence.  The BVSP team are taking out the clients residing at the bail residence a couple times a week to get out of the residence for outings and to pick up essential items.


Bail Verification and Supervision Workers Contact Information:

Raquel Leutschaft –  (807) 464-1908

Jake Tellier –  (807) 464-1854