Akwe:go Children's Program

Services being provided by Akwe:go Children's Program during COVID-19 Pandemic

The Akwe:go Children’s Program workers at Ne-Chee Friendship Centre contact all clients on a regular basis to offer support, and make sure that all their basic needs are being met. If clients and their families are in need of food, they will drop off an emergency food hamper with the proper amount of food for their family size.

They make regular deliveries to client’s homes providing them with art supplies, craft kits, family games, and educational supplements.

Through the private Akwe:go Facebook page the following is offered: ‘To Craft, or not to Craft’ (craft ideas posted daily); Daily kids jokes; Riddle me Mondays; ‘It’s Wednesday, Me so Hungy for Cookies’ (cookie recipes); Bingo with numbers posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (prizes awarded), Ketchup Fridays (list of all items that have been posted for the week), and contests that include pictures of winning entries. To join this group contact the Akwe:go Worker at

Akwe:go Children's Program

The Akwe:go children’s Program has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive program to urban Aboriginal children between the ages of 7 - 12.

The goal of the program is to provide at-risk, high-risk urban Aboriginal children with the support, tools and healthy activities which will build upon and foster their inherent ability to make healthy choices.

This program has been designed based on a fundamental principle: To improve the quality of life of urban Aboriginal children through the delivery of culturally appropriate programs and services.